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About Us

Why Us? - Quality Tshirts Delivered Every time

Our craze to stay stylish has led us here and we hope to redefine “Fashion as Comfort” as we drive along this way.

We have sourced fabric made from uniform yarn count to maintain uniform dyeing and rich appearance of our product.

Our size measurements have been finalized by extensive research followed by on body trials to suit Indian physique. We assure you the perfect fit which you were craving for all these years but were not yet satisfied.

Finally, we found the opportunity to get the products manufactured from the apparel tycoons, who work for world’s top brands and walk in their tunes.

During stitching, high end industrial sewing machines were utilized where we ensured uniform stitch count and premium sewing thread quality to provide uniform stretchabilty along seams which brings you the premium comfort during use which you have always wished for.

We have raised the bar for washability of our tees compared to any other available Tees which everyone is definitely going to appreciate. We insist you to dig up your own own collection of T-shirts, we are pretty sure a few of your most liked tees appears like it’s down from riches to rags!! What happened? You bought them, worn them, flaunted them in your gang twice and then when you washed it for few times, was a disaster!  Eventually it is going to thrown away in a few weeks when you have your new set on board.

Our vision is to bring you most premium quality tees at most affordable and humble pricing which will change your perspective of looking at a t-shirt for ever. Our dream product is going to set a benchmark in the retail sector and you will be compelled to compare any product in this category with ours.

Our dream product has travelled a long way of engineering and research along with stringent quality monitoring before getting launched. We have tried to crack the engineered combination of budget friendly, quality and trend, entwined in a rope.

So here we are - “THE FARZI ENGINEERS” by TFE Brands Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in Jan-2019, the brand brings to you what has been lacking all this while – passionately designed, high quality T-shirts made from best of Raw materials for our affinity with self that we desire. Made to suit you well and colored for all the moods, these T-shirts come with imprints of especially infused wittiness, that we relate to and use often.

Let shopping be worth of every single penny spent.

Try it, Buy it, Don’t like it? Tell us why and we will take it back – no questions asked.

Why are we so confident?

All our products are 180GSM -100% Cotton, sourced from best markets. Our products come only from certified cotton farmers. 

Premium Combed Cotton - No kidding! Premium combed cotton is literally designed keeping babies in mind – now imagine that amazingly soft texture on you that doesn’t get bad with a good considerable amount of washing (we are talking in terms of Wash-Years here – like light years).

We all know Chemicals are bad but not Bio wash. We use Bio-wash which ensures that color of the fabric is intact. It is a natural component that is user-friendly and good for the environment. It prevents our skin from various allergies and ailments. And no – it does not enhance the quality of the cloth – as many manufacturers claim. We are not providing a link to ease your anxiety – you are free to waste time on internet researching about this one!

Our tee-shirts are Pre-Shrunk which simply means the fabric has been treated to ensure it does not shrink further even after several wash years! However, your tee will shrink if you expand – so watch out for calories!

We bring to you the best to suit your wardrobe and to go with your personality. With no limit on your choices, we hope to bring you an exclusivity that sets the trend and stands out.



Please let us know how can we help you and a member of our team will get in touch.
  • TFE Brands Pvt Ltd, Sai Baba Temple Rd, Laxminarayana Layout, Thubarahalli, Munnekollal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

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